A Tea Party

We went to my parents' house last weekend so my Hero could be their hero and set up their surround sound.  I personally think it's hilarious that my parents even have surround sound, but whatever; I just hope they don't find the one button out of 2700 that will cause the surround sound to stop working and then press every button to fix it before they call us for tech support.  Oh wait, that already happened.  But I digress.

While we were over there, my mom (who happens to be the best mom on the planet :) ) found these:

They're from my play kitchen when I was little!  How cool is she for saving these for, what, 25 years?  (Ok, could I feel any older right now?) {Sigh} My dad's a chef, so my mom wanted all my play kitchen stuff to look real, because that's just how cool she is.  Would you check out those strainer spoons, how CUTE are those??

I have all the flatware and even tiny cookie cutters. 

I was so excited about these that I showed them to my neighbor and she totally flipped over them.  She told me that her little girls have a whole tea set made out of real china, but they don't get to play with it much because, well, it's made out of real china.  Within 90 seconds we were completely inspired to throw a surprise tea party.  We'd make little finger sadwiches with itty bitty bread and the girls could bake tiny desserts in their Easy Bake ovens to bring to the party!  Can I be seven again?

Valentine's Day was the perfect occasion but it was only a week away so I didn't have a lot of time or a lot of money.  Believe me, if I did I would have been seriously dangerous!  I did decide to make invitations so the girls would feel like the party was really special.  They loved them!  I even got a handmade card back from the Princess that said I was "so so so so so so so so cool" for inviting her to a tea party, before we even had the tea party.  Isn't she sweet? 

I made favors with some wedding bubbles I found at Dollar Tree, 9 for $1, and dressed them up with rhinestone hearts and pink tissue paper.  I even found doilies that were the perfect size for mini placemats.

I searched the house for things I could use and came up with THE perfect thing for a tiny cake.  I think this was my favorite part of the whole party.  I keep this dish on my nightstand to put my jewelry in at night.  And is it not perfect for this beautiful cake?  I can hardly contain myself with its cuteness!

I had to put a real sized fork in the picture just so you could tell how small it is. Adorable!!  But wait, look at this table....

Do you see those teeny sandwiches?  They have teeny tomato slices on them!  A tower of heart-shaped marshmalllows, pink rose petals, it doesn't get more girly than this.  The girls were in heaven! 

It was such a special party and they loved every minute of it.  I think they'll remember it for a long time!

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creative produce said...

LYNN!!!! I LOVE this!!!! you are such a sweet person to create such beauty and memories in these girls lives! how creative are you??? im so jealous!!!