Five Senses Friday

I was inspired by this idea on one of my favorite blogs, Pink of Perfection (and also on Domestic Foolery, Abby Try Again and lots of others).  I generally have a tough time remembering to "be present."  Whether I'm making mental to-do lists, walking down memory lane, or distracted with games on my iPhone, my mind is usually elsewhere while I go about my business.  I think this is a sweet and gentle way to practice being more connected to the moment, and to appreciate the details that make life beautiful. 

Savored moments from my week...

) smelling ( 
Freshly opened vanilla nut coffee, at 10:00 on a Friday night.  I never do this.

) hearing ( 
Three Days Grace cover of Wicked Game

) tasting ( 
Homemade fritelle - flat, panfried dough, kind of like pita with a hole in the middle. (How is this the first time my dad's ever made these for me??)

) feeling ( 
Thrilled and grateful that a small gesture brought a lot of joy to a special friend of mine. 

) seeing ( 
Some awesome pictures by an old friend, who I had no idea was a photographer.

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Anonymous said...

what in the h-e-double hockey sticks is that lovely, cinnamon-y concoction?!?
i almost licked my screen. mmmmm.... yum.