Fall is here!

Today, I'm decorating for fall.  I'm probably way behind as far as the retail stores and most of the blogosphere is concerned, but that's okay.  I appreciate the jump-start they take; it gives me time to warm up to the transition of the coming season, and usually I'm all about fall starting the minute Labor Day weekend comes.  But I've been working on other things, so I'm all good with being a little late to the party.  It is only the 18th day of autumn after all, and to be fair, this past week was the first time temperatures have dropped below 90 in my corner of the world.  But today, I'm decorating for fall!  I'm ready for cinnamon scents and caramel covered treats and sweaters at night.

Last night I had a buzz of ideas happening - nothing huge really, but things I knew I wanted to do today - hang the twine for my inspiration wire, bring some order back to my office so it can feel like my sanctuary again; clear out a nice big drawer for my paper supplies so I can get to them whenever I want without digging through closets... and decorate for fall.  So today, the usual list of Saturday morning chores is taking a back seat.  I actually changed back into pajamas after washing dishes and walking the dog, and decided this morning I'm going to indulge myself.  I spent the morning enjoying a bowl of Rice Krispies and discovering some new inspiring bloggers, and now I'm going to put on some Rodrigo y Gabriela, unpack all my fall goodies and start celebrating my favorite season. Happy fall!

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