Five Senses Friday

) feeling (
So excited these bunk beds are finally here!  Can't wait to decorate the girls' room!

) tasting (
A raspberry delice, from Mon Delice bakery.  It was a delicious puff pastry filled with some kind of raspberry sweetness and topped with fresh whipped cream, which sadly, I didn't take any pictures of in it's pretty, white bakery box before I ate.  {sigh}  But there will definitely be a next time.  Soo good.

) seeing (
A guy on line behind me at the grocery store buying only wine and roses.  Aww, sweet.

) hearing (
The Spectrum, Coffeehouse, Classic Rewind, Octane, and any of the other 151 channels on Sirius, since my Hero got my receiver hooked back up.  Ahh, musical variety, and commercial free!

) smelling (
Fall is just around the corner and my favorite autumn-scented candles and potpourri are filling the stores.   Pumpkin spice, fall harvest, cinnamon, caramel, apple orchard...good enough to eat. 

Happy last-Friday-in-August!

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