Chocolate-Raspberry Frozen Yogurt Pops

I've been slowly pecking away at Throwing Out Fifty Things, and one of the cool parts about it is finding things I completely forgot I had...like popsicle molds I bought eons ago to make Tequila Sunrise ice pops one Cinco de Mayo.   Now, I can't leave the poor things neglected on a shelf while it's 97 sweltering degrees outside, can I?  Of course not!  So today I'll be making these:

And here's how I'm making out so far with my fifty things:

1. A stack of board games
2. An empty air mattress box
3. A vase
4. A bunch of crap from my night stand, including my old glasses which I can donate
5. A box full of clothes (and a lot more to go)
6. Sold an old computer.  Free money, love that :)

Six down, forty-four to go!

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creative produce said...

where did you sell your old computer?