Five Senses Friday

) tasting (
Two rounds of mimosas, deLISHious chocolate chip Belgian waffle and a couple of orders of Mary's Ta-Ta's (Hamburger Mary's grown up name for tater tots)

) seeing (
Cleaning out my night stand, I found a pile of summer recipes I tore out of magazines who-knows-when.  No idea why they were in there, but now I can have fun making a menu for the week!

) hearing (
This is weird, but I was dropping eggs into water to boil and those streams of tiny bubbles coming out sounded like little chicks chirping.  Vegan anyone??

) smelling (
You know how, when your neighbors grill out, it smells SO GOOD you almost want to knock on the door with plate in hand?  Well that smell was coming from our house this week, a lot, since we didn't have any afternoon thunderstorms to contend with.  Empty plates welcome.

) feeling (
Ready to start recreating.  REE-creating, REC-reating, either way.  Happy Friday!

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