Five Senses Friday

) feeling (
Amazed how fast these little sunflowers sprouted!  They were planted on the 4th of July, and this was only 3 days later.

) seeing (
Shooting stars... one for each of us.

) tasting (
Pork tenderloin with honey butter.  Mmmmm...honey butter.  I wish I could put this on everything.

) hearing (
Dirty Vegas, All or Nothing

) smelling (
I didn't know it was possible to smell something that isn't really there.  Conjuring a scent isn't like closing your eyes and picturing your puppy.  But somehow while I was busy working away in my little windowless office, my mind invented the smell of summer.  Some blend of watermelon, cocoa butter, ocean air and sweet beach grass.  I swear it was real as could be, and it smelled delicious.

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